Rave Reviews

  • "I accredit much of my success to the use of my Visionary Journal. I was never good at managing my time or conceptualizing the small steps it takes to achieve a goal. Now, people tell me that I'm one of the most organized people they know--which is crazy to hear. No one...and I mean NO ONE...would have said that before I started using the Visionary Journal." 

    Hannah Mahaffey

  • "This is the best planner I've ever purchased. In addition to being a schedule planner, I love how it includes helpful things to keep you motivated like goal setting pages. My friends and I are creative, artsy types, and this works really well for us. Thanks for making these, Monique!" 

    Angela Hoang

  • "This is my first journal like the Visionary Journal. In the past, I had less functional journals and I feel the Visionary Journal is all-encompassing and includes goal setting with a high-level view of what you are to accomplish. The Visionary Journal pushes me to be organized and I can sit down for hours and map out everything I need to get me through the day, week, month and quarter." 

    Lynda D. Mallory